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My name is Eric "E.C." Stever and I write adventure scifi and humorous fantasy stories. I set up this page to link directly to my Dragon Removal Service books, so I hope that's how you got here.

Thanks to everyone who left a review on Amazon, Goodreads or at their favorite retailer. These reviews open the door to other advertising opportunities, and I can tell more people about the book. It really helps new authors like me, and just takes three minutes. Thanks for considering it!

Hubward and Gulchima were a ton of fun to write in the first Dragon Removal Service book, and I have their next adventure for fans like you. It's called Shadows at Squidnight

As you remember, at the end of Book 1 a mysterious island guarded by a giant was mentioned. Well here is the story of how Hubward and Gulchima got to the island. It takes place between Book 1 (Dragon Removal Service) and Book 2 (A Magical School for Magical Fools). And it's totally free.

Do you want to read the next Dragon Removal Service adventure for free? Just tell me where to send it.
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